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Duratomic® Chrome Is The New Black - Seco Tools Next Generation Insert Technology

23 April 2015


Seco introduced Duratomic technology in 2007, it was the industry’s first textured, α-based Al2O3 coating and one that set a new standard in machining performance.

Today, after years of continuous research and development in material processes and design, we have further advanced the technology’s aluminium oxide coatings as well as incorporated used-edge detection to make the latest TP insert grades for steel turning the most reliable, predictable and productive of their kind.

TP2501, TP1501 and TP0501 insert grades represent the next generation of Duratomic® coating technology, providing improved toughness, heat resistance and chemical inertness for the longest possible tool life, while also offering the potential for even higher cutting speeds.

The new TP grades feature used-edge detection so machinists can quickly and accurately identify used edges with the naked eye. Seco determined this as a necessary benefit for today’s manufacturers as the company’s survey data revealed over 10 percent of the edges on discarded inserts go unused.

Accommodating finishing, medium and roughing operations in a broad range of insert sizes and geometries, TP2501, TP1501 and TP0501 represent the best grade selection in steel turning, whether the desired result is versatile, balanced or high-speed productivity.

TP2501 is a versatile grade with highly secure edge toughness behavior that brings dependable productivity and reliable part production to general steel turning applications. It is the preferred grade for operations that involve a variety of workpiece material requirements and unpredictable working conditions.

TP1501 is a general grade with well-balanced properties that make it ideal for applications requiring high wear resistance in low-alloy steel workpieces. Furthermore, the grade offers the potential for higher cutting speeds, while the high reliability and accuracy ensures consistent part quality.

TP0501 is a general grade best suited for stable machining conditions and situations requiring high output. Of the new TP grades, it provides the highest possible wear resistance and/or cutting speeds in high-alloy and abrasive steel turning applications. Furthermore, the extreme heat resistance of the TP0501 makes it possible for users to achieve high metal removal rates without the need for coolant.

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